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Creative? Have a product to sell? Could it be 3D printed?

In a previous post, Creative? Have a product to sell? Could it be 3D printed? I wrote about using your creative skills to design 3D printable objects and sell your own products to beat manufacturing. The only way to do that is buy your own 3D printer or use businesses that offer 3D printing services.

What is this about? 3D printing is not the norm (perhaps not yet) for printing in the way that we know printing today; on paper consisting of words or graphics. For this reason, there are and will be opportunity to start up a 3D printing service. There is competition of course, 3D Hubs have already figured this out.  Their web service is a crowd source of printers local to you. However, some of these are printers personally owned and not necessarily a ‘printing service’ likened to Vista Print.

Opportunity: A Vista Print equivalent for 3D Printing.

Tools for starting up: This would require a significant outlay and knowledge about printing in general and also the aptitude to navigate the growing dimension 3D printing.



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