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There aren’t enough 3D printing services. Could you start up?

In a previous post, Using 3D printing to help vision impaired people ‘see’ I mentioned that you can be scanned and have a figurine of yourself ‘mini you’ printed. 3D Mini Me have figured out how to make that work and it’s a great novelty. Similarly, other objects can also be printed.

What is this about? If you are creative and can use or able to learn how to use computer software to design, then 3D printing could provide a few extra bucks for you. Almost anything can be 3D printed including everyday items such as jewellery, home décor, decorations and plenty more. If you purchase or own a 3D printer, the objects can be manufactured from your home and sold directly to sites like Etsy or more relevant to Shapeways which is a dedicated marketplace for designers to sell their 3D printed objects.

Opportunity: Sell your own 3D printed designs and many could be one off or made to order.

Tools for starting up: A computer and a 3D printer. The cheapest popular printer I could find is the Up!Mini for AUD$626 from 3D Printer Superstore. Refilling the materials to print objects can be expensive in the ongoing process, so a printer with a commercial capability would be more ideal. Alternatively, you could outsource to a 3D printer which I am finding to be a small market at the moment. See my upcoming post ‘There aren’t enough 3D printing services’.



One thought on “There aren’t enough 3D printing services. Could you start up?

  1. You might be surprised how many people with repraps and other consumer grade 3d printers are in your area and would be willing to print your project for peanuts.

    Try searching through these two sites for a local printer:



    Posted by EngineerDog.com | January 26, 2015, 12:41 pm

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