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Weekend Inspiration: Ship Your Enemies Glitter

When you consider the overnight success of Ship Your Enemies Glitter no idea is too big or small, or too silly. This Australian start-up had just the right idea when it comes to something small and cheap, that would attract attention and earn a good dollar. When you consider opening lines from their website such as “We send glitter to the people you hate”, it’s no wonder why the idea is a success.

What is it? Sending glitter is exactly what Ship Your Enemies Glitter does. For AUD$9.99, the site owner will send an envelope full of tiny sparkles of glitter to anyone anywhere in the world. There is also the option of including a note to your enemy or the person you are pranking.

Quick facts:

  • Started up 13 January 2015
  • Over 2,000 orders placed to the value of AUD$20,000 placed within hours of launch
  • Marketing strategy: simple user friendly website, catchy words and ‘street talk’, tweet from personal Twitter account and advertised on Product Hunt
  • Simple costs of mail, glitter and envelopes
  • Sold for USD$85,000 on 22 January 2015
  • Currently over 6,000 followers on Facebook

Result? The recipient of this glitter mail package will be surprised, angered or humoured to open an envelope full of glitter that is intended to fall everywhere. Those tiny sparkles of glitter will be a nightmare to get off skin, carpet, clothes and wherever else it falls.

Success? Yes, this was a success. Since the business started up on 13 January 2015, thousands of orders were placed. The site owner was overwhelmed and ceased taking orders within 24 hours of the launch on Product Hunt. During the shut down, a copy cat Ship Your Enemies Glitter version of this website popped up making a temporary success until the Official Ship Your Enemies Glitter was re-launched.

Other Ideas? Backing off Official Ship Your Enemies Glitter and copy cat Ship Your Enemies Glitter the opposite idea has come to life from Ship Your Sparkle. Instead of pranking enemies and friends, Ship Your Sparkle is to bring a wish or a smile to a friend or loved one. Sure, the idea of ‘prank’ is still there, but I take it that the large shaped sparkles (instead of glitter) is the friendlier version.

Be inspired, because a simple and cheap idea, gave the save founder quick few bucks overnight.



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