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Making success with handmade products

In my recent blog ‘Subscriptions for your product or service?‘ I wrote about the opportunity have earning extra income using a subcom model. The internet is filled with plenty of consumable products, of which many are repeats of another brand; for example, it is common to come across beauty box subscriptions that fill monthly boxes with beauty samples along with a few cheap accessories – Google ‘beauty box’ and you will find plenty of the boxes I am pointing out. However, beauty boxes and consumerism aside, my recent find is Blind Surprise. Yes another subscription box, but what sets them aside is a less ‘consumerism’ approach. They fill monthly boxes with handmade items for subscribers. It’s a great pitch for their business but also for the many handmade creators out there who struggle to get their products noticed. It is a shame that handmade products is lost amongst the wealth of mass production. Blind Surprise is a great initiative. If you are a maker of things and what product exposure, take a look at Blind Surprise.



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