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Getting to know the Uber service

Aside from buses, trains and ferries, taxi companies have owned the field of passenger transportation for a long time and with little competition. Without competition and huge demand, there is little most commuters can do to negotiate a taxi fare. This is of course with consideration to the special license fees and criminal checks for a taxi driver to be qualified.

New competition means that a service like Uber has the opportunity to address an entire market of commuters requiring the convenience of a private passenger transportation service. This also means introducing competition to the industry. You may recall recently that there was an uproar about Uber services in Australia because taxi drivers disagree with the idea and have taken it to the regulators to challenge other factors such as having a license to carry paid passengers.


I don’t think being a passenger in a licensed taxi is any safer then driver with a stranger in an Uber car. How often do you check the taxi drivers ID against their photo license? Do you check the validity of their license? I try to do these things, but often I don’t.

Uber in a nutshell

Uber has excellent potential and is a convenient service. I rate the cleanliness of the vehicles, the driver attitude and free water bottles. Another plus is the great smell of the car in comparison to the taxi’s which can have an odour now and again. In addition, Uber is that little bit cheaper; this coupled with the customer service makes it a treat to use.

More information about Uber can be found here:




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