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Avoid job site scams

During times of high unemployment the most obvious place people will look for a job is online. Scammers have their own full time job trolling through job boards searching for job seekers. Most online job sites will provide you with the option to register. This then gives opportunity to employers to also search job candidates. However, some of those might not be employers with the intent of employing you for a reputable business or organisation. Some of these groups may be looking to hire you for work that you will not be paid for while others are seeking out your personal information such as resume details, identity details, and may even go as far as requiring to be vetted before you can be interviewed.

Job advertisements

Here are a few tips to look for to avoid a job advertisement scam

  • Private advertiser. If the advertiser is private and does not reveal any contact details, I would think twice about whether you need to make contact
  • Vague job descriptions are a giveaway. If you can’t determine what the job requires you to do or there is no flow and structure in the description, consider doing a deeper check into the advertiser or recruiter. Ask lots of questions, search for a website and collect enough information to make an informed decision
  • Direct contact. If you have been emailed by a potential employer, get to know how they obtained your details. This is important to understand in case your information was sold or available on a mass database. Establish whether or not it is a genuine offer
  • High pay for low hours and minimal work. I can’t think of any employer ‘generous’ enough to pay well above the market rate. You will know (hopefully you know) what the average market pay is for the job you are looking for. If the advertisement is offering 10 hours a week for $50,000 pay to only send emails and check a diary, I would question the offer
  • Quality of job description. The description should be well written, punctuated and grammar checked. A poorly written description is a reflection of the advertiser.

Research tips

Here are a few pointers on how you can validate if a potential employer is genuine.

  • Call the office and speak with the hiring manager
  • Google search the business website
  • Facebook search the business name and hiring manager
  • LinkedIn search the hiring manager and business name
  • Check the address, do a drive by or validate via Google maps

If you are really unsure, conduct an ABN lookup on the Australian Business Register website. If you are not sure how to do so, you can directly contact ABN look up for assistance. This would be the equivalent for those in international locations.

These are only a few points about what to look out for. In summary, if you are unsure, check it out and do your own research. If you can’t establish whether or not the business exists, then don’t apply.

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