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Get DIY organised for 2016

Happy New Year to you, may this year bring about happiness in every way possible. How about starting the new year with a refreshed space, a little style and using the slow season to treat yourself to DIY activities. I enjoy browsing the internet world to bring you the latest finds. With today’s theme in mind, it’s time to jump straight in and start DIY projects, here are a few to get you started!

Cement desk organiser

This fantastic idea uses cement from your local hardware store. There are two products to make; a cement tray used for bits and pieces such as paper clips and a pen or stationery holder. To start with, you will need the following supplies:

  • Quick dry cement
  • Water
  • Four plastic molds, two of them will need to fit inside the other to ensure you don’t end up with a cement block!
  • Oil

Unfortunately I failed with my first attempt. Not enough oil, and I didn’t use the correct ratio of cement and water. Tip: follow cement instructions.

Moving on from my fail, popular blog site a pair and a sparehave a simple method to follow. You can learn more about this design by visiting a a pair and a spare‘s post about DIY cement desk organiser!

DIY Concrete Desk Set

Photo credit: apairandaspare.com


DIY jewelry holder

What’s the point in having all that awesome jewelry if you never wear it because you can’t find it or can’t be bothered untangling it?! The nightmare is untangling long necklaces. This project is simple, uses the materials at your local hardware store and craft store. To do this project, you will need:

  • decorative molding
  • a hand saw
  • sandpaper to smother the rough bits
  • paint brush
  • acrylic paint
  • hooks

This project was originally featured by The Pioneer Woman. Check out the how to on her page and get started to organise your new year!


Photo credit: thepioneerwoman.com




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