Rise of the noise

High density living is becoming the norm in developed cities over the world. Noise pollution is a problem and contributes to poor quality sleep which impacts on others areas of our health and well-being. But what about the noise within the apartments we live?

The Suberbly global noise awareness movement is about educating our community and fellow apartment neighbours about the need to modify the way we live. Without going into a statistical deep dive, I assume that many people in in developed cities born prior to the 1990’s lived in a house on land. I did! As costs grew and cities increased both population and housing density, well the dream of owning a house on land got a little further away.

We need to live conciously and with a community mindset in apartment living. No you can’t create your wood project on a daily all day and night basis like you used to when you lived at home with your folks and did your projects in the garage. Guess what? The person living next door to you or worse the person below can hear your tap! tap! tap! Same goes for the person that clunks around with their shoes. It might not sound loud to you, but the person living beneath you is woken at 1am when you get home because the noise penetration through the floor echoes right above their bed. The list can go on but I’ll leave it their!

Noise in apartment living is a two way street. We need to be mindful of the noise we make but we also need to be flexible. It is hard but with some concious living choices and some changes such as taking your shoes off and finding a new place for your hammer project, you we can all live together and happily ever after!

Comment below on some noise issues you have with apartment living.