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Homemade Picture / Word Charades – Everywhere

Go back to simple fun with friends and family at home. Put away the electronic devices, grab pens and paper and play a game of charades. Laugh out loud and have plenty of nibbles along the way. Source: Homemade Picture / Word Charades – Everywhere Advertisements

HitPay app in Singapore: Split payments with friends using new money transfer app

Life is about to get one helluva lot easier thanks to HitPay! Split payment with friends for bills, cabs, drinks, and more at the press of a button. Source: HitPay app in Singapore: Split payments with friends using new money transfer app

Get DIY organised for 2016

Happy New Year to you, may this year bring about happiness in every way possible. How about starting the new year with a refreshed space, a little style and using the slow season to treat yourself to DIY activities. I enjoy browsing the internet world to bring you the latest finds. With today’s theme in … Continue reading

How you can make money on the side

You know that time when you feel like you need a little extra cash? Usually around holiday season and bill season such as council rates and car registration. There are numerous ways to do this and the topic of “how to make money” has considerable attention in the search engine. Get rich schemes are not … Continue reading

Making success with handmade products

Find out why handmade products make a good business start up. Continue reading

Creative? Have a product to sell? Could it be 3D printed?

In a previous post, Creative? Have a product to sell? Could it be 3D printed? I wrote about using your creative skills to design 3D printable objects and sell your own products to beat manufacturing. The only way to do that is buy your own 3D printer or use businesses that offer 3D printing services. What is … Continue reading

Subscriptions for your product or service?

Subscription commerce has become a big opportunity for continuous income, however it is challenging to sustain. Subscription commerce (AKA subcom) simply refers to subscriptions. You may be familiar with magazine subscriptions; an amount of money is debited from your account monthly or you pay an annual fee to receive a product at a specified frequency. … Continue reading

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