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Homemade Picture / Word Charades – Everywhere

Go back to simple fun with friends and family at home. Put away the electronic devices, grab pens and paper and play a game of charades. Laugh out loud and have plenty of nibbles along the way. Source: Homemade Picture / Word Charades – Everywhere Advertisements

Make it last — Sara Donaldson: “Don’t let emotions take over—shop consciously and with purpose”

We’ve asked some of our favorite people to answer 10 questions on matters of style and sustainability! Source: Make it last — Sara Donaldson: “Don’t let emotions take over—shop consciously and with purpose”

Can Kings Cross be a place to take the family for a day out?

The short answer is YES! Kings Cross does have a colourful past and the infamous name ‘Golden Mile’ doesn’t help give it any credit. So much has changed in Kings Cross that the old ideas of partying, strip clubs and drugs have long moved on. Lock out laws prevent all night binge drinking which has … Continue reading

Avoid job site scams

During times of high unemployment the most obvious place people will look for a job is online. Scammers have their own full time job trolling through job boards searching for job seekers. Most online job sites will provide you with the option to register. This then gives opportunity to employers to also search job candidates. … Continue reading

Stuff about Uber

Getting to know the Uber service Aside from buses, trains and ferries, taxi companies have owned the field of passenger transportation for a long time and with little competition. Without competition and huge demand, there is little most commuters can do to negotiate a taxi fare. This is of course with consideration to the special … Continue reading

Weekend Inspiration: Ship Your Enemies Glitter

When you consider the overnight success of Ship Your Enemies Glitter no idea is too big or small, or too silly. This Australian start-up had just the right idea when it comes to something small and cheap, that would attract attention and earn a good dollar. When you consider opening lines from their website such … Continue reading

There aren’t enough 3D printing services. Could you start up?

In a previous post, Using 3D printing to help vision impaired people ‘see’ I mentioned that you can be scanned and have a figurine of yourself ‘mini you’ printed. 3D Mini Me have figured out how to make that work and it’s a great novelty. Similarly, other objects can also be printed. What is this about? If you … Continue reading

Using 3D printing to help vision impaired people ‘see’

3D printing is game changing for innovation and society. The point of using a 3D printer is to turn a digital or scanned image into a physical object. I included scan because it is possible to scan your physical self and 3D print a mini you. I’ll talk about 3D print mini you in a separate post. What is … Continue reading

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